Featured Cat of the Month – TC

201802 Tomcat2201802 Tomcat5

Brrrrrr. It was really cold out there. Hi everyone. My name is TomCat, but everyone calls me TC. I was living outside for quite a while and there was a person who used to come and feed me every day. I used to always meow at her and have a conversation, but was a little scared to let her get too close. One day she left my food inside a long box that she called a “trap”. Before I knew it, the door had closed and I couldn’t get out. This was very scary at the time. I was whisked off to the vet and treated for scratches and cuts as well as frostbitten ears, broken and infected teeth and gums, and fleas. I was neutered and given all my shots and a chip. Over the next week I slept and ate a lot. But every time my person came into my room I meowed my life story and purred up a storm. After a week I added major rubbing and leg-zigzagging to my repertoire. Being inside reminded me of a time when I was a house cat with my own family. Although I was very happy to be indoors in a warm room, I sometimes got overwhelmed with all the contact and would nip. I’m very sorry for that, but was still scared of what might happen to hurt me. Thank goodness I’m over that phase.
Then an exciting thing happened. I discovered toys!!. Those little rolling balls and that feathered bird that teases me – oh, the joy of playing! Even though it’s not very macho, I found myself lying on my back with my feet in the air tossing up a toy mouse and catching it, or flying through the air to catch that wicked feathered bird. I’m a pretty big boy, so I can imagine that it was funny to see that.
After my recovery and period of socialization, I moved to a new foster home. Here I have other cats and dogs to play with while I wait for my “fur”ever home. Before I sign off, here are a few things I want to tell you about myself. I am extremely talkative, love people, get along great with other dogs and cats, and am a very handsome boy. I promise to be very very good if you take me home to live with you.

TC is about 3 years old. He is white with a few tabby splotches on his head, tail, and leg. His fur is thick and plush. He has frostbite damage to his ear tips. He is a very sociable boy and gets along with people, cats, and dogs. TC has been diagnosed as FIV+, which is an immune system disorder. It is not transferable to people or dogs but can be transferred to another cat through a serious bite; this is most likely to happen with outdoor unneutered cats who have to compete with each other.
TC is quite the lover-boy and would make a great addition to your family for Valentine’s Day!