This sweet, helpless boy was found on February 28th at around 5PM, all alone in a corner, by an attentive and kind individual who was walking through a construction site adjacent to a high-rise apartment building (across from the Real Canadian Superstore at Weston and 401 in Toronto’s West end).
The cat was screaming and crying non-stop in what was obviously tremendous pain from an injury. He wasn’t able to move much on his own, and refused any food that was offered to him. When we were able to bring a carrier, he couldn’t move at all, and was lifted fully into the carrier. He wasn’t even able to move his tail properly on his own to fit inside the carrier. His body was clearly in extreme shock and decline.
On the drive over to the emergency veterinary clinic, the cat, who we named Rocky for being such a fighter through all the pain, relaxed a bit when he felt some heat and safety. He still cried out occasionally, but he knew help was on the way!Rocky is a fighter indeed. He was found to have injuries consistent with being hit by a car or from a nasty fall from a building. He has a fractured pelvis, shattered bones, a fractured tooth, his lungs are filled with fluids, and his body was in extreme shock, with frighteningly low BP, blood glucose, and body temperature. He has been given oxygen support since admittance to hospital, and we are hoping he is able to fight a bit more to be out of intensive care and make a full recovery. Currently Rocky is not suitable to be transfer as he rely on the oxygen machine. The surgeon will sedate him and assess a treatment plan for him. His leg need surgery or worst case scenario amputation but it need to be look after ASAP. Skin has broke and bone showing, this poor boy might be a terrible pain right now 😿
Please we need you help!!! It would be expensive to put Rocky back to health and it’s going to be a long journey for him. Please donate and help Rocky and put up a good fight for him. Thank you for your supports 💜
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March 2nd Update:
Thank you everyone for your generous donations😻
Rocky is still on oxygen but the hospital is tapering it off to see how he does. Rocky hasn’t been eating on his own yet, a feeding tube might be needed. All his vitals are good, in normal range.
He’s still at the 24/7 emergency clinic because his oxygen needs to be monitored around the clock. The plan right now is to try to repair his leg once he’s off oxygen.
Please keep sharing his story, his vet bills are going to be over $10k. We want to provide him with the best option available.
Once again, thank you for being there for Rocky, it will be a long road for recovery but we will stand by him every step of the way❤️❤️
March 4th Update on Rocky:
Since Sunday when Rocky was found, many people have come forward thinking Rocky was their cat, but sadly, they were mistaken. Yesterday, however, we received an email about a lost cat post from the building Rocky was found next to and we contacted that person right away. The information we gathered was that Rocky fell off the 8th floor from his owner’s apartment building.
Rocky was originally adopted from a rescue in Toronto. After speaking with Rocky’s owner, previous foster and previous rescue where Rocky came from, they all chose to abandon him due to his costly medical expenses. Rocky’s owner has no interest taking him back and asked us to contact Rocky’s previous rescue. After speaking to the rescue founder of Rocky’s original rescue, her suggestion was to euthanize Rocky and they do not want to be responsible for any of his medical expenses.
This is all extremely devastating, frustrating, and heartbreaking. Rocky deserves a chance to fight and we want to help him as much as we can to pull through and have a second chance at life . Please continue to support us and Rocky in putting up a good fight. Rescue Angels will continue to help bring Rocky back to Heath 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
March 5th update:
Thank you all for your incredible support and words of encouragement for Rocky- it means the world to us and our little fighter! We are overwhelmed and astonished at the generosity of Rocky’s hundreds of supporters!!
As for Rocky’s health condition, the good news is that he seems to be improving!! As of 10AM this morning, he has been off of oxygen support. This is the news we were eagerly awaiting, and we hope it stays this way, since he needs to be able to breathe on his own in order to undergo leg surgery. He is on a nasal feeding tube now, and we hope he can eat on his own soon (the vets think he is unable to at this time because of all the inflammation in his mouth). His CT scan also showed no blockages and nothing life threatening!
We are hoping he will continue to be stable enough to get through surgery. We know that if Rocky can leave the ICU and pull through the intensive treatments, he has a chance of an incredible life ahead. Thank you, again, for your continued support and concern. We hope all our forthcoming updates will be just as positive as this one!

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