Mickey Suffered Two Broken Legs and Urgently Needs Our Help!


Mickey Blue Eyes – 1 Year Old Siamese13495236_1764161647160780_1941215017340162541_n


Mew! My name is Mickey, Mickey Blue Eyes. My story is very tragic but hopefully with a happy ending! I was hit by a car but luckily taken in by a local shelter. The shelter did all they could do considering my dilemma. They took x-rays of my 2 broken legs, gave me pain meds and wrapped my injuries. Nothing else could be done until my owners came for me…. When my “family” was finally found, they surrendered me after hearing what was needed and never came back. I waited almost TWO WEEKS in agony while my owners were deciding to give up on me. This was even more agonizing than my broken legs!

I now have only three options:
1. Euthanize13529174_1764161700494108_8838763282037391245_n
2. Amputate one or both my legs
3. Attempt the impossible and SAVE BOTH LEGS after 2 weeks being broken!

Rescue Angels was asked if they could help me after I was abandoned…. They said ‘YES” right away and will attempt to save my legs. I was rushed to their vet, Green Lane Animal Hospital. Everyone there was so nice and all wanted to help me. This was the first time in a long time I felt loved.

X-rays were done again and I have a badly shattered right femur and broken left foot. I hope they won’t need to amputate. I’m going to the specialist for surgery to try and save my legs.

Rescue Angels is raising money to cover some of the cost of my surgery and my recovery. They are all volunteers and rely solely on donations. We would all be so very grateful if you could donate to help me save my legs. Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

I will keep everyone posted on my status! I really hope they can save my legs…

PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE You can donate directly to our vet bill at Green Lane Animal Hospital (905) 597-7373

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!
Mickey Blue Eyes & Rescue Angels

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