My name is Gojiberry and I’m the Kiwi’s little sister. I’m much smarter than him…I learned to eat, walk and even stand on my hind legs to give you high fives! With both paws!! I’m a piglet so I’ll tell you when I’m hunger, I’m a big cuddlier and I’m extra cutie especially when I roll on my back for tummy rubs .

Our mommy, “Mommy”, gave birth to 7 kittens but we were the ONLY two who survived. Our siblings were poisoned by a simple flea collar purchased from a grocery store or pet store. It was very hard on our foster parents and our Mommy…they did everything possible to keep us alive but because the poison was already in her blood while pregnant, there was nothing anyone could have done.

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 4 months
DOB: March 19, 2016
Sex: Female
Color: Black

We managed to grow, get very healthy and lovable and now are ready to find our “Fur”ever home!

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