ew! My name is Fiona and I’m a spunky, playful, LOVE to eat smart little girl with beautiful tortie markings! When I roll on my back for tummy rubs, you can see my gorgeous spots and I have a paw that looks like a tiny cute beige glove…I even have a beige tipped tail.

Mew! There were 13 of us little Irish and most of us have been adopted! We came from a hoarding situation and because our moms were scared and overwhelmed with so many cats and kittens, they couldn’t feed us all. We were starving and needed help desperately. Rescue Angels came and helped along with many foster parents who gave us the love, care and medical attention we so needed in order to become wonderful healthy kittens we are today!

Breed: Domestic Short Hair / Torti
Age: 5 months
DOB: February 26, 2016
Sex: Female
Color: Black, Orange, White

Please consider adopting me as your loving “Fur”ever girl!

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