Happy Holidays

Happy holidays

As another holiday season approaches, Rescue Angels sends you their warmest wishes. We wish you all the happiness this season can bring, and may it follow you throughout the coming new year. We feel fortunate to have you in our corner and are so appreciative for your support. From us and all the kitties, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

christmas tree poem

Toppling the Christmas tree

We used to have a Christmas tree, but we haven’t any more.
Our gorgeous Norway Spruce is strewn across the floor.
All the twinkling lights are now kaput, a tragic sight to see.
The cord is tangled in heap, now useless by decree.

Ornaments in every room, some even in the sink.
The fairy’s got a broken crown and her wand is on the blink.
There’s tissue paper everywhere, ripped and soaking wet.
I think I have a good idea but I need to prove it yet.

A trail of mass destruction is rife throughout the house,
But the silence is more worrying as it’s quieter than a mouse.
Just follow all the tinsel and the mess along the way,
Dodging any ornaments and Santa’s bright red sleigh.

The trail heads to the kitchen and two culprits were found,
A rather wayward tabby cat and a guilty looking hound.
Remorse was rather lacking especially from the cat.
The dog skulked from the crime scene and settled on the mat.
The cat just started washing, unmindful and aloof.
Nothing seemed to resonate despite the clear-cut proof.

The Christmas tree is on the slant but at least it’s not a wreck.
Some lights and baubles have survived, we’re opting for low tech!
Each family member has arrived to celebrate the day.
Our cat and dog are on reprieve unless they go astray!!!