Wicket (DOB August 22, 2016)

These four orphans, Data, Wicket, Artu and Pixel, were found around nine day old with their kitten eyes still shut. Luckily Momma Trekker, after looking after her own five, welcomed them without any problem. Over the following weeks, they have transformed from clumsy, spider-crawling little fluffs of fur to galloping little escape artists.

As one of their fosters, it’s been a joy to see them develop into healthy, curious, fun-seeking kittens. Through lots of play and handling, they have become a gregarious group always seeking human attention. Once picked up, their purring machines kick into high gear. Please keep in mind that young kittens need another kitten or cat to bond, play and socialize with to best develop their feline skills and to feel secure and happy. For these reasons, we adopt out our young kittens in pairs or to a home with another young friendly cat.

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 2-3 months
DOB: August 22, 2016
Sex: Female
Color: Black

If these four have won over your heart, please complete our adoption application found at rescueangels.ca and email completed form to rescueangels@mail.com

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